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"I'm so happy with the great job Dominion did with our home to get it ready for Thanksgiving. My windows shine and bring in more light. I thought this was going to be an extravagant expense but it was very reasonable and it makes such a difference."
Angie T.
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How to Have Windows Your Guests Won't Notice

You want your friends at dinner to be wowed by the sunset – not by the amount of grime on your windows. A professional window washing will make your windows invisible.

But… as much as you might like to get your windows cleaned, it can be a hassle to have your home invaded by a cleaner. 

Plus, we’ve all had experiences with lousy contractors who don’t show up on time, don’t communicate, and do a sloppy job.

At Dominion, our aim is to make your windows the cleanest they’ve ever been with as little effort from you as possible. We want to make it easy for you to check this box off your list so you can get back to more important stuff.

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